Walk for Skin Health – WASH


Walk for Skin Health - WASHWalk for Skin Health (WASH) exists for awareness and enlightenment campaigns of Skin conditions, appearance related concerns and their link to general health.

WASH main goals are – 

  • Identifying and educating Africans about different skin conditions common in our African society and encouraging and inspiring individual skin conditions active patient Support groups.
  • To get those with skin conditions to go to their Doctors – Dermatologists.
  • WASH works to highlight dangers of self-medication on the skin, the dangers of some chemicals being used on skin for different purposes and importance of our skin to our general well-being.
  • WASH exists to educate and enlighten Africans on the possibility of attaining youthful and beautiful skin naturally like our fathers without the use of harsh sub-standard products.
  • The dangerous beauty of of skin bleaching.
  • WASH also fundraise to provide help and skin medications to primarily vulnerable women and children in the rural communities of Sub-Saharan Africa, one country at a time.
  • WASH advocates and educates on the use and help of natural products found around our kitchen and farms (particularly in rural areas where they do not have access to Dermatologists and often resources to purchase medications).

We are planning our first WASH in three regions in Nigeria (Enugu, Abuja and Lagos) in 2017. When we walk we focus on a number of Skin Conditions and this we will do through the T-shirt e.g Team Acne, Psoriasis, Vitiligo, Lupus, Eczema, etc. on different T-shirts so participants choose which Skin condition to identify with and champion for.

‘Walk for Skin Health – WASH’ (an initiative founded 6years by Ogo Maduewesi under VITSAF, but not the initiative was not active) now an initiative of Outer Shell Africa also founded by Ogo Maduewesi.

Walk for Skin Health